Gary Oldis - International Nightclub DJ

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Tom Moulton, Remixer and 12" Single Inventor.

With an ear for black music and a clutch of music industry odd-jobs under his belt, Moulton had a Eureka moment during a trip to clubbing spot Fire Island in the early 1970s. Bothered by the DJ's inability to keep momentum going on the dancefloor, he painstakingly cobbled together his own unbroken mix on reel-to-reel tape. His experiments proved the jump-off point for an illustrious career as a go-to mixer for generation after generation of disco artists, and set in motion a series of happy accidents that would permanently alter the face of club culture.

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Good remixes will always set you apart from the crowd

Eee- It takes me back... Spending hours upon hours in import record shops listening to the new releases and remixes, until you found your new big tune for the weekend.

Gary Oldis - From Vinyl to Laptops. 1975 - 2016

I started out buying music in the vinyl years, at first, ex-juke box 45's from Oldham's Tommyfield Market to play in my local Youth Club. Progressing steadily through the DJ ranks up to 12", Imports for nightclubs.

My most remembered record shop haunt was Alan Fernleys on Linthorpe Road in Middlesbrough, where I would spend many hours each week with Tony Hargan going through all the new 12" vinyl imports.Then many more hours with my reel to reel and splicing block. Then putting the result onto a cassette tape to play in whichever Inn Cognito venue I would be working that weekend.

Here in no order whatsoever (Just as I come across them) are a few classic remixes. Not the standard "12" Disco Remix" that the record companies used to churn out.

As you can imagine there were many, many, many more - but those were stand-out ones for me.


Creating Extended Versions, Cuts, Splicing, Breakbeats & Instrumental Versions

Reel To Reel Editing

Making It Your Own

Sometimes all you needed was a 7" or preferably a 12" single to have the instrumental on the B side to have some fun, just extending the song and adding your own woo hoos and whatever silly noises you came up with after a couple of bottles of bud, cutting into foreign versions of the song, or dropping monty python sketches or silly songs over the top of the instrumental (Jungle Book King of the Swingers was a favourite), relying on your thumb on the turntable to keep in the beat.. A far shout from today's laptop generation.